Through his stylistic, sharp and unique artwork, Mike supplies a window to escape from the modern world, a mix of realistic lines blended into a complex traditional feel.
He uses multi-disciplines forms of art to express himself and the world around him.

As a disenfranchised youth, Mike didn’t conform to high school education as he became a year 10 drop out, turning his focus into his creativity by enrolling in a Graphic Arts and Prepress Apprenticeship. With an aptitude towards illustration, Mike progressed his skills in the applied arts. Beginning as a humble first year, his career progressed till he became an art director.

While gaining professional experience in applied arts, Mike’s real talent in illustration and fine arts became more of a personal drive. Leaving the stifling nature of the corporate world, Mike began his journey into freelance design.

Throughout the past 10 years, Mike has focused his talents on commercial advertising and branding, painting, digital illustration and commissioned public murals.